Re: WGL4 is not a superset of CP1252

Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 02:23:22 EDT

>In particular as you noticed, 0x98 gets mapped to 0x2DC. I've
       never seen Microsoft remove a character mapping in the 125x
       tables and I'd be amazed if there'd ever be such a removal.

       Strange things have been known to happen. E.g. about 6 months
       ago I learned that a couple of primary LANGIDs that used to be
       documented for Lao and Khmer (x2B and x2C) were suddenly
       documented as being used for Armenian and Azeri. (Compare the
       list of LANGIDs under NLS Constants in the Platform SDK
       documentation prior to April 98, which agrees with App. K in
       Kano's book, with the same list in the Platform SDK doc'n
       starting (I think) in July 98.) I suspect that the 125x tables
       are a safer bet, though.


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