Re: encoding phonetic tone letters

Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 02:09:30 EDT

       KW>But the 5 tone letters already in the Unicode Standard are
       explicitly intended for use in such combinations already. See
       pp. 6-12 to 6-13.

       Oops! I should know better than to write about something before
       seeing if it's addressed in the book. As always, Ken, you've
       got your finger on the details of this standard. Thanks.

       KW>I am not convinced of this claim for 7. Maybe the analysis
       has proceeded further since I was involved, but the tonal
       experts among phoneticians I
       knew insisted that five levels (of tonemes) were sufficient.

       Yes, I had heard of claims regarding the sufficiency of 5
       levels, but I keep hearing more (indirect) reports of cases
       where up to 7 (I may have heard 8 on one occassion) are needed.
       I agree that claims for 7 are not undebateable.

       I was really wanting to focus on a mechanism for handling
       contours rather than the specific number of levels required,
       and I didn't realise that essential part of what I was
       suggesting has already been included.


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