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From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 11:57:03 EDT

After sending the msg below, we received word from a man who had been
complaining about the fault described, and who did receive a suitable
answer from Yahoo, telling him that their users DO have the option to
eliminate the problem by choosing UK English, instead of their ASCII

We are testing that now, via one of the lists, and, as it seems to be
working, that is what we shall be recommending to our own subscribers
from here on out (with thanks to Yahoo for that piece of information).

Nice to be able to report a happy ending, and even on the same day!


On the serious side, some lists I run are getting a lot of grief at the
moment, because mail is coming in from addresses with no
inkling of _anything_ but ASCII. Not alone are munged ephemera being
disseminated, but our historical archives are now filling up with it.

I'd have thought the cure was to write to, asking
her/him to upgrade Yahoo's systems to Latin-1, but I understand some of
our/their subscribers have already done this, but received no
satifactory reply.

Cc:ing, to log this request with them from me.

With best wishes,
(co-owner of some of the lists affected, whose archives are listed

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