RE: REPLY: Foriegn lang. credit for braille / FW: Braille (was Mo rse)

Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 11:52:19 EDT

Actually they did, as reported by another subscriber of the Braille List
just a few minutes ago.

I actually think that being able to read braille is a valuable skill, and it
is OK if society recognises this.

But, yes, I don't understand why this recognition should be motivated using

Anyway, better leaving language and society alone!! The only other two
mailing list I joined to are about linguistics and civil rights... I can't
even think what could happen if I forward this to them too! It must be
terrifying having all my four interests converging on the same topic, and on
the same poor PC, at the same time, while I am trying to deserve my salary
on that same PC...

        Marco Cimarosti

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> Braille as a "foreign language"? Sorry, but this is the most
> ridiculous thing I've heard all week.
> The sad part is that some brainless functionary in that school
> district probably will approve credit....
> By the way, the US's Library of Congress offers a free correspondence
> course in braille transcription.
> Scott Horne

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