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From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 15:28:22 EDT

At 12:07 PM 22-09-99 -0700, James E. Agenbroad wrote:

>1. Being basically a 6-bit system, Braille has 64 codes to which meanings
>can be assigned. It would work less well with any language whose writing
>system (letters, digits, punctuation, symbols (e.g. @#$%&*+=)) had more
>than 64 elements.

This presumes that Braille is intended to exactly mirror the structure and
rules of the common script for a given language. Obviously for Chinese this
is impossible, so Braille becomes a form of phonetic notation for the
language, either syllabic or alphabetic. It is a predictable accident of
history that the original Braille scheme mirrors the orthographic system of
the French alphabet. Of course, the advantage of mirroring a non-Braille
orthography, whenever possible, is that this makes possible the easy
automated conversion of texts from, for instance, the Latin script into the
Braille script.

John Hudson

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