Re: Products supporting Unicode

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 12:12:01 EDT

Yes, thanks for the clarification! wrote:

> >- I will send the compiled list around once the feedback dies
> down, since some people have requested it.
> Great! It would be nice if someone wanted to maintain some web
> pages that had this kind of info (they'd only need to receive
> and compile input from others, so it shouldn't take a huge
> amount of work), with a link from the Unicode site. (Yes, "he
> that spoke it is the one to build it", but I'm not in a
> position to offer to do it right now.)
> - I count "fonts" among products, so information there is
> helpful too. - If the product supports Unicode pretty much as
> well as it supports any other code page, fine. Otherwise,
> please label it "limited support" or
> "some support". (Details are nice, but not necessary.)
> It's not clear to me just what you're wanting. There are
> thousands of TrueType fonts out there that have Unicode support
> (at least on Windows), though only for cp1252. I assume you
> don't want that. On the other hand, fonts that cover all of
> Unicode 2.1 or 3.0 can probably be counted on a couple of
> fingers, and these are not practical for most situations. I
> assume, then, that you're interested in fonts that cover
> subsets of Unicode 3 other than the character inventory of
> cp1252 (and, of course, that assume Unicode encoding). Is that
> right?
> Peter

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