Re: Products supporting Unicode

Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 18:39:07 EDT

The following is the latest version of my list, incorporating a number of items
from different people. I would welcome any further feedback (especially if I
didn't roll in your feedback correctly!).


Unicode-Enabled Products

The following is a sample list of products that are fully (or partially)
Unicode-enabled. More products are being Unicode-enabled all the time, so this
list is not in any way complete. To see the exact degree of Unicode support for
any particular product, please contact the manufacturer. You may be able to get
a link from the Unicode membership page

The products are grouped into rough areas, and sorted alphabetically within each
group. The latest available version of each product is assumed; in some cases it
is a forthcoming product. For additions or corrections to this list, please

Operating Systems:
- Apple MacOS 8.6, MacOS X Server, MacOS X (forthcoming), ATSUI
- Compaq's Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS
- IBM AIX, AS/400, OS/2
- Microsoft Windows CE, Windows NT, Windows 2000
- Palm OS
- Sun Solaris
- Symbian EPOC

Databases and Repositories
- IBM DB2 (UDB, AS/400)
- Microsoft SQL Server
- NCR Teradata
- Oracle Oracle 8
- Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, Adaptive Server Enterprise
- Unisys UREP

Programming Languages and Libraries:
- Alis Batam, Gist-in-time
- Basis Rosette
- Java
- JavaScript (ECMAScript)
- IBM Classes for Unicode (now open source)
- Perl 5.005 (improved in 5.6)
- Sybase PowerBuilder, Unicode Developer's Kit
- Tcl
- Tk
- Many C/C++ compilers and IDEs

Other Systems or Products
- Alis Tango
- AltaVista
- Chinese Star 3.0
- Ericsson A, R and T series mobile phones
- Justsystem Ichitaro Dasshu
- Kermit (forthcoming versions)
- Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes
- Many Linux programs
- Microsoft Internet Explorer, Office 2000
- Netscape Navigator
- Novell Distributed File Services
- Novell NetWare Directory Services
- Novell Storage Services
- Open Market Transact
- Richwin Chinese Language Kit
- SC UniPad
- TRADOS T-Window for PowerPoint
- TwinBridge Partner programs
- Union Way Asian Suite
- Unitype Global Writer 98, Global Office

Fonts and Printing Software:
Most recent commercial fonts have Unicode character-glyph maps, although they
may or may not support large repertoires.
- Bitstream Cyberbit
- Dynalab (several fonts)
- IBM Advance Function Presentation
- Microsoft Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Sans Unicode
- Monotype (several fonts)
- SIL Encore Font Package 3.0
- TrueType font specification (including OpenType and Apple Advanced Typography

- Unicode and ISO 10646 are synchronized in character repertoire.
- Unicode is required by the new technologies coming from the W3C, IETF, and
OMG; including XML, XHTML, XSL, LDAP, CORBA 3.0, etc.
- WAP-Forum WML

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