Re: List of proposed disunifications

Date: Sat Oct 02 1999 - 15:26:40 EDT

>Plus there is that ellipsis thing Ken mentioned (I'm not sure
       what the details are),
       I think what Ken was referring to (or at least, this is
       something I'm aware of) is that there is an ellipsis character
       used in at least Chinese and Yi documents where the dots are
       vertically centered rather than on a bottom baseline.

       This may be in a gray area like Coptic/Greek (issues of
       attitude and/or politics aside) where it may be possible to
       unify and consider the alternates to be language/locale/writing
       system-specific presentation forms. It may be possible to use
       lang/loc/ws-specific substitution tables in a smart font to
       pick out the necessary glyphs. On the other hand, these might
       need different half-/full-width properties.

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