Re: Unicode politics (was: A basic question on encoding Lati

Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 01:31:39 EDT


>Once again, I will annoy you with my postings about things
       that I don't know well enough to talk about...

       Your posting was by no means annoying, at least to me. Except
       for a couple of very minor points not worth mentioning, I fully
       agree with your comments. I hope you understand that my
       comments, to which you were responding, were intended only

       - to attempt to give some kind of answer to Edward C's question
       about how many of the world's languages already have writing
       systems, and
       - to clarify that SIL does not have as an agenda to develop
       writing systems for every one of the world's languages (we are
       willing to assist any language community with such a desire,
       within the limits of currently available resources, but we
       can't decide that a language community *will* become literary).
       (For more info on SIL's interests and goals, see http:


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