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Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 15:41:41 EDT

>> - to clarify that SIL does not have as an agenda to
               writing systems for every one of the world's languages

>If I'm not mistaken, the SIL has an agenda to promote
       of the Christian bible into more and more languages.

>This is exactly why I decided, years ago, that the SIL was
       not for me.

>Scott Horne

       This is *well off topic* for this list. I have no intention of
       pursuing religious discsussions in this forum or trying to
       initiate a thread of discussion, but feel I need to represent
       the organisation I work for, so I'll comment only briefly keep
       it limited to the following:

       It is well known that SIL provides support to many people with
       many affiliations (including a large number of indigenous
       organisations and mother-tongue translators) who are doing
       Bible translation in minority languages around the world. This
       is by no means, however, all that SIL does in the way of
       assistance to speakers of minority languages throughout this
       world. For example, SIL has had extensive interaction with
       UNESCO and the governments of numerous countries in the areas
       of literacy and bilingual education for the benefit of minority
       language communities. We are engaged in programs in some
       countries where we are not in any way involved in Bible

       While not everyone on this list may share our values in
       relation to Bible translation, there are several in this list
       who share our interests in and concerns for the smaller
       linguistic communities of the world. I am endeavouring to share
       what SIL resources I can make available to others on this list
       at that level, for the benefit of minority language
       communities, without trying to pursue other agendas.

       As for translation of the Christian Bible, I personally look at
       it this way: the rabbi Jesus of Nazareth said,

          "You have heard that the Law of Moses says, 'Love your
          neighbor' and hate your enemy. But I say, love your
          enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way,
          you will be acting as true children of your Father in
          heaven." (Good News according to Matthew, ch 5, vv 43ff)

       Apart from any religious convictions I may hold, I have no
       qualms whatsoever translating this message for the benefit of
       anybody anywhere in the world, while leaving them the choice to
       read it or not.

       In respect of the purpose of this list and the divers views of
       the members, I won't pursue discussion on this topic any
       further here.


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