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Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 04:37:08 EDT

At 10:18 -0700 10/4/1999, wrote:
>People who need an SS runic character should not use the same character set
>used to write Hebrew or Russian.

I don't think Simon Wiesenthal would agree with you. However, I would
suggest that the double-lightning-bolt sign falls under the rule
against proprietary (even though, in this case, merely formerly
proprietary) logos, hence it is not admissible as a Unicode character.

>Judging by the few neo-nazis I met in my life, a single-element character
>set with that character only should be far enough to encode their

A single-element font should certainly be sufficient for anyone.
There are a number of single-element fonts containing corporate
logos, and other examples like the fort containing the
artist-formerly-known-as-Prince name glyph, which he claims has no
pronunciation. (I have privately assigned it the reading,

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