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The word isn't new.

Department of the Myanmar Language Commission, Ministry of Eduation, Union
of Myanmar. 1992. Myanmaa-anglip abhidhaan = Myanmar-English Dictionary.

myanmaa /mjama/ n 1 the people of Myanmar. 2 (a) Same as bamaa b; Bamar;
(b) (no longer current) Burmese, Burman.

bamaa /bamar/ n 1 Bamar: Burmese; Burman. 2 Same as myanmaa n. 3 one of the
suits in the three-deck domino game (thui:puipe). See also rum:.
R. F. St. A. St. John. 1936. Burmese self-taught.

Burma: Myammaa or Bhamaa. "The word Myahnmaah is seldom used though it is
the classic name. The original tribne was Mrahn or Myahn, which was
converted by the monks into the Pali form Mrahnmaah, which by natural law
became Bahmaah. The Arracanese branch of the family retain the form

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