RE: Products supporting Unicode

Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 13:30:22 EDT

This does not answer the question whether Visual Basic implements Unicode
and in which way (and this is a very important question to me).

Bidi is supported also by 8-bit Arabic or Hebrew environments, so this is no

What I verified is that VB seems to implement Unicode internally, in strings
and function calls, and seems capable of converting text from/to Unicode and
the local single/multi-byte code page.

But, as Peter Constable said, built-in controls don't allow me to chose
"Unicode" (or the like) as a code page, even if I selected an
Unicode-enabled font. And, so far, I have found no way of displaying in a
control (text box, label, menu, etc.) any character that are not in the
current code page (even if other applications can do it, with the same font,
on the same computer, under the same WinNT environment).

Regards. Marco

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> VB also supports bidi on bidi capable operating systems. It even includes
> an attribute for the base direction of every control.
> Jony
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> > VB probably should be listed, but it is a mixed bag: all
> > strings are Unicode encoded (UCS2 or UTF-16, I'm not sure
> > which), but the IDE doesn't support Unicode, and I think some
> > functions/controls may not support Unicode (e.g. I don't think
> > the InputBox function supports Unicode - at least, in a VBA
> > app, I saw some PUA default text turn into "?").
> >
> > Peter
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