Re: Products supporting Unicode

Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 16:30:22 EDT

>But, as Peter Constable said, built-in controls don't allow me
       to chose "Unicode" (or the like) as a code page, even if I
       selected an Unicode-enabled font. And, so far, I have found no
       way of displaying in a control (text box, label, menu, etc.)
       any character that are not in the current code page (even if
       other applications can do it, with the same font, on the same
       computer, under the same WinNT environment).

       I didn't mean to suggest that *no* controls support Unicode.
       Indeed, I remember Murray Sargeant giving a presentation at IUC
       14 on Unicode support in the rich edit control. Support for
       complex script rendering for various scripts is probably a
       separate issue.


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