RE: Products supporting Unicode

Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 04:31:35 EDT

But I did mean it. I also tried the Rich Text Control and, in my version (VB
6.0), I could not get any Unicode characters.
The RTF engine used in VB seems different from the one used in MS Word (that
implemens Unicode), and identical to the one used in NT Wordpad (that does

Of course, 3rd party OCX's could support Unicode, but these have to be
purchased apart and distributed with the application.

If any MS representative is tuned on, it would be nice to know their word.
VB and Developer Studio documentation is huge, so it might well be that
Unicode is actually supported in VB, but I could not find how to use it.

Regards. Marco

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> >But, as Peter Constable said, built-in controls don't allow me
> to chose "Unicode" (or the like) as a code page, even if I
> selected an Unicode-enabled font. And, so far, I have found no
> way of displaying in a control (text box, label, menu, etc.)
> any character that are not in the current code page (even if
> other applications can do it, with the same font, on the same
> computer, under the same WinNT environment).
> I didn't mean to suggest that *no* controls support Unicode.
> Indeed, I remember Murray Sargeant giving a presentation at IUC
> 14 on Unicode support in the rich edit control. Support for
> complex script rendering for various scripts is probably a
> separate issue.
> Peter

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