Re: Latin-ext-B and IPA fonts for Win32

From: Glen Perkins (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 22:59:02 EDT

Thanks for the suggestions. Does anyone know if Win98 comes with Lucida Sans
Unicode (I know WinNT does)? The only two Win98 machines I have easy access
to both have it installed, but they've also been upgraded to handle Asian
and "Pan-European" scripts, and it's possible that Lucida Sans Unicode
slipped in during one of those upgrades.

I wish I could find out which Unicode ranges are covered by which (standard)
versions of Win32, and how much is added by the Pan-European language pack
(and any other language pack for that matter). That info doesn't seem easy
to come by without repeatedly reformatting a hard drive, installing a new
OS, digging through the fonts with some utility, reformatting the hard
drive, ....then downloading IE, installing a language pack, carefully
determining which fonts are new, digging thru them, then installing another
language pack....

Glen Perkins

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> "Glen Perkins" <>:
> GP> Lucida Sans Unicode has pretty good coverage, but I'm not sure if it
> GP> included in any of Microsoft's freely-downloadable Language Packs
> GP> (Pan-European, for example.)
> I do not believe it is the case. You may want to check the last
> version of Verdana ( and see whether it
> contains glyphs for the characters you need (I do know that Verdana
> now covers the latin-based Vietnamese ortography, but I don't know
> about Pinyin). Please not that you are not allowed to redistribute
> these fonts with your application.
> You may also have a look at the Junius Unicode font, at the bottom of
> the page
> but the documentation only says
> ``Characters from Latin Extended-B and Additional needed to support
> European languages''
> which might not be enough for you.
> There's also Michael Everson's font (available from his web site, I
> don't have the address handy, search for ``Everson Gunn Theoranta''),
> but I don't think it comes in TrueType format, and it is not free,
> only shareware (Michael, I have dutifully erased my copy after
> admiring your work).
> Finally, Charles Bigelow (the designer of the Lucida family) is a very
> helpful person, and I am sure that he'd be glad to offer you very
> reasonable conditions if you wanted to license a Pinyin font from him.
> I'll drop you his e-mail address if you're interested.
> At worst, you could always cobble something together with bitmap
> fonts. Markus Kuhn has compiled a very large set of glyphs for
> Unicode in BDF format, and makes the resulting fonts freely available
> (no strings attached, although I'm sure he'd appreciate an
> aknowledgement). Free tools for reordering BDF fonts, as well as for
> conversion of eight-bit BDF fonts to proprietary Microsoft formats are
> available. You will find more information on Markus' page
> GP> I'd like to be able to use those code point ranges in my apps and
> GP> point users to a URL whence they could download a very simple font
> GP> installer if they didn't already have Lucida Sans Unicode, or some
> GP> equivalent, on their machines.
> Please inform me if you solve your problem.
> Sincerely,
> J.

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