open invitation for bug reports on "Arial Unicode MS" font

From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 21:15:13 EDT

As you may know, Office2000 includes a font called "Arial Unicode MS" that
covers all of Unicode 2.1. Many of you have been experimenting with this
font over the last few months.
One problem with a font this size is that it is extremely difficult to
verify that all aspects of it are working correctly. We simply don't have
the expertise to be certain that there are no problems with the font in the
lesser-used (i.e. not mainstream) areas.
I'd like to extend an open invitation to provide feedback on the font since
it is of primary interest to readers of this mailing list (in particular the
parts we find hard to test). If you have used it and noticed deficiencies
with it, please let me know by replying to this message with the details.
Several people have provided information privately in the past, but now that
the font is in broader usage I want to make sure anyone who has noticed a
problem has a chance to tell us (me) about it.
In order for your feedback to be useful to us, please follow this format
when reporting a bug:
Font name: (Arial Unicode MS, but if you see the same problem in other
fonts, include them too)
Unicode character or range:
System on which the problem reproduces (Win9x, NT4, Win2000, or all):
Example font that behaves correctly (attach if not a common one):
Short description of problem:
Short description of the expected behaviour:
If possible, attach a sample file that illustrates the problem and a bitmap
(screenshot) showing the desired behaviour
You can send multiple reports in a single message, as long as they are
visibly separated. The more concise and specific your report, the better
chance there is that we will be able to get the fix in for the next release.
Please do not combine issues into one report, such as " U+xxxxx, U+yyyy, and
U+zzzz have the wrong glyphs". Those are three different issues, unless the
error is consistently the same in each case (all have no advance width, for
example). Also, please be specific about the expected behaviour, since often
we may not know the exact issues involved.
Thanks in advance for your feedback. I really want to get this font to be as
good as it can be so we can all use it successfully. I can't promise we will
address every reported issue, but we'll try.
Chris Pratley
Program Manager
Microsoft Office

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