RE: open invitation for bug reports on "Arial Unicode MS" font

Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 11:44:39 EDT

I would be glad to volunteer. I often mangle with Unicode text, both for
work and for fun.

Is there a free evaluation copy of Arial Unicode that I could download and
install (under Windows NT 4.0) without installing the whole Office 2000?


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> Subject: open invitation for bug reports on "Arial Unicode MS" font
> As you may know, Office2000 includes a font called "Arial Unicode MS" that
> covers all of Unicode 2.1. Many of you have been experimenting with this
> font over the last few months.
> One problem with a font this size is that it is extremely difficult to
> verify that all aspects of it are working correctly. We simply don't have
> the expertise to be certain that there are no problems with the font in
> the lesser-used (i.e. not mainstream) areas.
> I'd like to extend an open invitation to provide feedback on the font
> since it is of primary interest to readers of this mailing list (in
> particular the parts we find hard to test). If you have used it and
> noticed deficiencies with it, please let me know by replying to this
> message with the details. Several people have provided information
> privately in the past, but now that the font is in broader usage I want to
> make sure anyone who has noticed a problem has a chance to tell us (me)
> about it.
> In order for your feedback to be useful to us, please follow this format
> when reporting a bug:
> Font name: (Arial Unicode MS, but if you see the same problem in other
> fonts, include them too)
> Unicode character or range:
> System on which the problem reproduces (Win9x, NT4, Win2000, or all):
> Example font that behaves correctly (attach if not a common one):
> Short description of problem:
> Short description of the expected behaviour:
> If possible, attach a sample file that illustrates the problem and a
> bitmap (screenshot) showing the desired behaviour
> You can send multiple reports in a single message, as long as they are
> visibly separated. The more concise and specific your report, the better
> chance there is that we will be able to get the fix in for the next
> release. Please do not combine issues into one report, such as " U+xxxxx,
> U+yyyy, and U+zzzz have the wrong glyphs". Those are three different
> issues, unless the error is consistently the same in each case (all have
> no advance width, for example). Also, please be specific about the
> expected behaviour, since often we may not know the exact issues involved.
> Thanks in advance for your feedback. I really want to get this font to be
> as good as it can be so we can all use it successfully. I can't promise we
> will address every reported issue, but we'll try.
> Thanks,
> Chris Pratley
> Program Manager
> Microsoft Office

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