Re: Tamil in Unicode

From: John McConnell (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 01:04:55 EDT

Tamil is final and has been in Unicode since at least V2.0 (I don't have
V1.0 book handy to check if it was in V1.0 too).

All versions of Windows 2000 support Tamil. The support includes display,
input, sorting etc.

Internet Explorer 5 and some Office 2000 applications have some support for
Tamil display (only) when running on Win98 using the Uniscribe library
(USP10.DLL). But for serious testing, I'd recommend using Windows 2000.


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> Hi..
> Could someone help me to know the current status of "TAMIL" in the
> Unicode?
> Is it finalised?
> Is it supported in the Win98 or Win2000?
> If I want to use/test it with Win98, how can try that ?
> muthu.

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