Re: Character:Glyph Ratios

Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 23:41:46 EDT

       Jim A wrote (re char:glyph ratios):
>Thai U+0E01 87 88

       That doesn't seem right to me. Both tho thaan and yo ying need
       alternate forms that have the subscript appendage removed for
       combinations with subscript vowels. (Some implementations may
       keep the appendages and lower the vowels, but some don't, and
       those that don't definitely need two extra glyphs.) Also some
       implementations of superior and inferior diacritics (vowels,
       tones, etc.) may use glyph substitution rather than positioning
       tables like gpos, and in those cases, you'd need an extra
       30-or-so glyphs. So actual numbers will commonly show a greater
       difference. For example, in MS's current implementations for
       Thai, e.g. the Cordia New font that comes with IE5, there are
       27 extra glyphs.

       That is still well short of the 3:1 ratio mentioned for other
       scripts, though. The key difference in this case is the absense
       of ligatures (conjuncts).


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