Do we *REALLY* need a Klingon in Unicode?

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 17:55:42 EDT

> It is a serious proposal. It is to allow those members of the Klingon
> Linguistic Community to communicate with each other using Klingon Glyphs.

It's already well known to the UTC that members of the Klingon Linguistic
Community (A) mostly have knobbly heads, bad hair, and are actually
tribble-kissing wimps who won't EVER show up at a meeting to properly defend
their so-called "script", and (B) even if we Human-Terrans wanted the glyphs,
none of the Terran-Klingon community would use them because their existing
data is already encoded using a bizarre Latin transcription. And as we know,
and glorious Terra will show in the coming millenia, all roads and subspace
byways DO really lead to Rome, and are trod by endless throngs of happy
aliens thumbing their varied olfactory appendages at the sniveling Klingon


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