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Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 08:34:40 EDT at one time made its CyberBit font available for free but I
heard it is no longer available. This is a Roman faced font that had "most"
of Unicode 1.1 and required about 11 MB of disk storage. (As I recall, it
lacked several Indic scripts.)

Office 2000 includes the Arial Unicode font for Unicode 2.1. It takes about
23.6 MB of disk. Office 2000 and Office 97 also include optional Unicode
fonts for Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Unified
CJK ideographic characters.

Windows NT 3.5 had Lucida Sans Unicode, which contained glyphs for about
1700 characters. This font is still available in Windows NT 4.0. In
addition, the Sun Java Development Kit has updated Lucida fonts.

Finally, when Microsoft added support for the Euro, at least under Windows
NT 4.0, it expanded the Unicode support for the Arial, Courier New, Times
New Roman, and Tahoma fonts. While these cover only small subsets of the
Unicode repertoire (e.g., no Unified CJK), Microsoft increased the size of
the subset considerably.

I cannot speak for the Apple Macintosh or other platforms.

Ed Hart

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Where do i get fonts for all those unicode stuff? for example for this
character 25b2 which is a geometrical figure.

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