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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 08:49:56 EDT

Ar 11:54 +0100 1999-10-21, scríobh Stephen Holmes:
>Please excuse the naivety of my question, but with regard to these fantasy
>scripts/languages, how is the decision made to include them in the Unicode
>repertoire. By what criteria is a script eligible?

If you read the proposals for Tengwar and Cirth you will find that there is
a modern community of users with serious interest in encoding texts. There
are also many enthusiasts who make use of these scripts. Tolkien's works
are important, and have had a profound affect on many millions of readers.
(I would argue that the LOTR is one of the best books written in the
English language in the 20th century.) His writings are catalogued in
scholarly libraries, and his works have made extensive use of the scripts.

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