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Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 09:18:50 EDT

Ar 21:55 -0700 1999-10-19, scríobh Doug Ewell:
>Gregg Reynolds wrote:
>> In a semi-serious vein: wouldn't box-score notation be a suitable
>> candidate for encoding? It's pretty standard, has a specific syntax,
>> and is spoken by millions.
>It's definitely a higher-level protocol. It's just like music notation:
>two-dimensional layout, uses symbols not otherwise found in plain text,
>and relies heavily on the relative positioning of these symbols.
>A computer encoding of baseball scoring notation would be cool, but it's
>not within the scope of Unicode.

But the characters used in such a matrix may be encoded, just as music
symbols will be. The question is, are any used that aren't already encoded?
We've asked some experts. Will let you know if they respond.

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