Re: Yi in CJK Ideographs Area?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 15:23:45 EDT

Tony Graham asked:

> In Unicode 3.0, are the Yi syllables and radicals included in the CJK
> Ideographs Area?


CJK Unified Ideographs: 3400..4DB5, 4E00..9FA5

Yi: A000..A4C6

Hangul Syllables: AC00..D7A3

The concept of "Area" has no normative status in the Unicode Standard.
It was deemphasized in Unicode 2.0, and has been further deemphasized
in the text of Unicode 3.0.

The roughly corresponding concept of a "Zone" in ISO/IEC 10646 has almost
entirely been written out of that standard as well. Clause 8 of 10646
now only refers to the "S-zone" (i.e. surrogate code points) and to
the "private use zone". The "A-zone", "I-zone", "O-zone", and "R-zone"
are now completely gone from the standard.

The concepts of Area and Zone were early organizing concepts for
the joint standards that outlived their usefulness and were overtaken
by events as new characters were encoded in new amendments to 10646.
Their organizing function has been replaced by the much more detailed
Roadmap that is now part of the Principles and Procedures document that
WG2 uses to help determine where newly encoded scripts and characters
should be assigned -- but which is not formally carried as part of the
normative clauses of the standard.


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