Re: Traditional/Simplified Chinese forms in Hong Kong?

From: Virginia Anderson (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 17:42:58 EDT


Though I am not an expert on Asian languages, i just happened to read an
article yesterday on this topic. The article was featured in the September
issue of the American Translator's Assn. Chronicle. The featured language
this month is Chinese. Article: "Frequently Asked Questions on the Issue of
Chinese Translation" by Dave Chen.

"...Simplified Chinese has been officially used in mainland China. Since Hong
Kong is now a part of China, Simplified Chinese becomes the official Chinese
there, too. However being separated from mainland China, Taiwan continues to
use Traditional Chinese. Due to political, economical, and cultural
differences, the Traditional Chinese used in Taiwan differs from the Chinese
used in mainland China, not only in fonts, but also in styles and wording...."

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Virginia Anderson

John Hudson wrote:

> This is not entirely on topic, I realise, but nor is it entirely off.
> I am interested to know what is happening in Kong Kong with regards to the
> use of traditional or simplified forms of Chinese ideographs. Is there
> pressure from the central government in Beijing for Hong Kong to adopt the
> simplified forms? Or are the Hong Kong Chinese to continue using the
> traditional forms?
> If anyone knows of any URLs or publications with information on this
> situation, please send me e-mail. Thanks.
> John Hudson
> Tiro Typeworks
> Vancouver, BC

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