Re: Slovak and Czech "CH" (was: Re:Mixed up priorities)

Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 11:59:32 EDT

>Slovak or other alphabets do NOT have characters, they have
       LETTERS! So one should rather say that CH is a LETTER in the
       Slovak alphabet.

       Character is just the more generic hypernym for letter, the
       latter occurring only in alphabets (as opposed to syllabaries,
       etc.). Diacritics are also considered characters, but they're
       not usually considered letters. (But let's not get into any
       debates about this, please.)

>Adam insists that "CH is a CHARACTER in the Slovak
       This is plain wrong!!!

       It doesn't matter whether this is right or wrong. Nobody's
       debating the status of "ch" in the Slovak alphabet because (a)
       it's accepted that it needs to be treated as an entity for
       certain processes, (b) what you *call* it (i.e. the element of
       the orthography) is so subject to individual perceptions and
       attitudes that there is no certainty that you'll get a
       consistent answer, and (c) what you call it has absolutely no
       bearing on what is required to develop algorithms for various
       text processes that provide the desired results.

       The remainder of your comments, Marco, were right on the money.


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