Re: Ancient Egyptian Cartouches

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 06:09:10 EDT

Ar 12:15 -0700 1999-10-28, scríobh Timothy Partridge:

>If the cartouched font would have lines above and below, I'm not sure it
>would work. Multiple glyphs are often arranged within a unit square,
>especially the spelling ones that are used for names.

Existing Egyptian software does it already. This is software which knows
how to render the line above and below; it is suggested that non-savvy
rendering software would probably just omit the line.

>I notice that in The World's Writing Systems (Daniels & Bright) p 80. the
>cartouche is listed with a host of generic determatives.

I would encode that as ( ) with SPs or NBSPs between the two.

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