RE: handwritten Arabic [was: arabic number in bidi algorithm]

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Sun Oct 31 1999 - 18:34:43 EST

It is the same for Hebrew. Numbers from left to right, guessing what is
enough space, and vowels right to left.


At 15:43 28/10/99 -0700, Reynolds, Gregg wrote:
>Right to left on all counts, according to my colleague from Pakistan, who
>also confirms that he writes (and reads) the most significant (leftmost)
>digit of numbers first. Which makes sense, since it reflects phonetic
>ordering. (It's the way I learned too; also in the most common handwriting
>two dots gets a horizontal stroke, three a caret stroke.)
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>> Mark Leisher <>:
>> ML> A brief verbal survey of native Arabic and Persian co-workers says
>> ML> they all write most significant digit first in handwriting.
>> And what about the dots in words with more than one? In which order
>> do they write them? Do they go back to the beginning of the word (R)
>> and write them R2L, or do they put them on backwards? Same question
>> about short vowels (assuming they are ever used in hand writing).
>> J.

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