RE: UTF-16 encoding of malformed UTF-8 sequences

From: Ashley Yakeley (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 20:06:56 EST

At 1999-11-02 07:52, wrote:

>Ashley Yakley's approach as seen by an end-user perpective:
>"I have an UTF-8 file that I can edit even with good old VI (however, the
>Chinese characters in it look like garbage). When I tried to load it with
>AshleyEdit 1.0, it broke with an exception.

Actually, it would say "this is not encoded in UTF-8" or somesuch. Very
similar to getting a "this archive is corrupted" when trying to
decompress a bad zip file.

>I don't have time to loose with
>your bugs, so I won't use that program anymore!"

>Note: in all cases, the "UTF-8" text file was actually a *GB* text file, so
>the bug was actually in the end-user's head, as you will try to explain

My program would tell the relevant truth. There's not much more it can

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