Help with Unicode decompiling problem

From: Ben Yenko-Martinka (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 00:23:43 EST


I am a first-timer on this list.

I've searched high and low (including Character, Collator and various
Iterator classes and all web resources I could find) and cannot find a
Java method that will give me the Unicode string representation of a
char or of a Character
object (either will do).
Instead of using the string "\unnnn" to generate a Unicode character,
I want the Unicode character to generate the string "\unnnn".
This is so I can use the string as a key in a properties file to do data
conversions via property mapping.
I want to iterate through strings using BreakIterator and obtain the
4-digit unicode descriptor for each character.
Does anyone know of anything that will do this for me? Perhaps it is
staring me in the face somewhere and I just can't see it. Wouldn't be
the first time!

Many thanks,
Ben Yenko-Martinka

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