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I think if Malay do not use PEH, then NOON with Three DOTS
bellow pointing Down word like PEH will be a good

Also, Malay, Sindi and other Asian languages have a very big
distance from each other, I do not think they will be used so
much togeather. According to My Information following languages
are used very much with one another.

Pashto with Arabic, Farsi and Urdu
Farsi with Pashto, Arabic, Turkman (But Turkman now use Russian)
Urdu with Sindi, Pashto
Malay with Arabic

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> As Jim Agenbroad pointed out some time ago (and reminded me recently), the
> Malay NOON WITH THREE DOTS ABOVE (U+06BD) moves the dots below and inverts
> them in the initial and medial forms to avoid ambiguities with THEH
> It turns out that these forms are now ambiguous with the initial and
> forms of another Malay character, YEH WITH THREE DOTS BELOW (U+06D1).
> is not really an ambiguity with the initial and medial forms of PEH
> because Malay doesn't use PEH.
> Help! Is some special shape change needed? Is it determined by context
> are the two just simply not used together? Are they from different time
> periods?
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