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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 07:15:55 EST

Ar 12:21 -0800 1999-11-05, scríobh Robert A. Rosenberg:

>IOW, show that the U+0063 U+0068 coding is not adequate since in Slovak it
>is possible to have the words that have c followed by h which is not the
>"letter" 'ch'. If this difference is true that a separate codepoint is
>needed to tell the difference between "ch" and "c" followed by "h".

Why? You can't see the difference on the printed page. Enshrining it in the
encoding would yield multiple spellings for Slovak, creating costs which do
not now obtain. Further, as I have shown, it would open the floodgates to
"multiple letter" characters including digraphs, trigraphs, tetragraphs,
pentagraphs, hexagraphs, and on and on and on.

Slovaks have, wisely, never used a coded character set which had a
precomposed "ch". They would be foolish to begin to do so now.

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