Non-breaking hyphens and web browsers

From: Ben Yenko-Martinka (
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 22:46:59 EST


I saw some earlier postings on non-breaking hyphens earlier.
I have been wrestling with the same problem in tables in web pages to
prevent wrapping in cells containing hyphens.

While the en-dash "–" (decimal rather than hex values) appears to
work fine in Netscape, it allows wrapping in Microsoft Internet
Furthermore, while Homesite (my web design tool makes this code
available for en-dash, it appears in the range of unassigned codes in
Homesite's own "complete" Character Entity Reference for ISO Latin-1.
In that reference, the en-dash is listed with two allowable codes:
"–" and "–".
These, however, are recognized by Microsoft IE but not by Netscape (at
least not in the Arial font which they are in IE). These do not prevent
breaking/wrapping on the hyphens (en-dashes) in IE either though.

Another character code I discovered, however, "−" or "−"
does prevent breaking/wrapping in IE, though these also are not
recognized by Netscape, (again at least not in the Arial font which they
are in IE).

Can someone please tell me what is going on with browser support of
character encoding?

Thank you!
Ben Yenko-Martinka

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