Re: New women's script found in China

From: Martin Heijdra (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 11:50:00 EST

Quite a few of books with texts in nüshu have been published when this was a
hot topic, now more than a decade old, under titles such as "Chinese
herstory". Actually, since during their first discovery after the 1949
revolution such nüshu texts were burned out of fear that they were subversive,
almost all extent texts are new and/or due to people newly learning this
script, as much as for tourist than other reasons. Wouldn't expect it to be
encoded soon!

Michael Everson wrote:
> Nushu raises its head now and again, usually in the popular press without
> any illustrations. Actually I read a Swedish article some years ago which
> had some pictures.
> I am sure that the Chinese National Body will turn to Nushu after work on
> the Tai/Dai scripts is completed, if there is a need to encode texts
> written in this language.
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