Re: [nelocsig] Re: Generic Unicode font handling

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 09:18:14 EST

Marion Gunn <> wrote:
> This brings up something I have wanted to rais for some time. Mail from
> a few sources (from "Magda Danish (Unicode)" <>,
> for example, via the Unicode List) comes in here in such a small point
> size that I just delete it (it being too much hassle to adjust my own
> local Netscape mail display options to suit such rare messages, as the
> suit all of the rest). Sometimes mail comes in in coloured text, which I
> also tend to delete without reading. I take it that these variations in
> fontsize and fontcolour is due to user setting at the sender (for
> example, Magda of Microsoft's) end. Is there any Unicode-recommended set
> of sender settings for the control of size and colour of font in sending
> e-mail?
How about plain text? There is no earthly reason to send email in some
proprietary word-processor format when all it contains is text, certainly
not without prior agreement that the recipient has the same word processor
and therefore a prayer of being able to read it, whatever the font or

- Frank

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