RE: [nelocsig] Re: Generic Unicode font handling

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 10:03:18 EST

> All that is about HTML e-mails. HTML is hardly proprietary
> these days... Though a tighter specification on how to
> handle HTML font size indications, with ensuing implementations
> and better defaults, is still needed.
HTML is as proprietary as any vendor wants to make it.
There is no reason to send ordinary text as HTML or any other
marked-up format, since it makes the poor assumption that the
recipient of the mail is prepared to handle the markup.

But let's not go off on this tangent again -- I think we can all
agree that the current situation with email is a bad one; there
should have been some attempt at standardizing what goes on the
wire rather than the free-for-all we have today.

Anyway, our business is plain text and that's what we should
be talking about. Are we sending email in marked-up formats
only so we can put Unicode in it? There should be no need
for that.

Who can't read this?

'Sîne klâwen durh die wolken sint geslagen,
er stîget ûf mit grôzer kraft,
ich sih in grâwen tägelîch als er wil tagen,
den tac, der im geselleschaft
erwenden wil, dem werden man,
den ich mit sorgen în verliez.
ich bringe in hinnen, ob ich kan.
sîn vil manegiu tugent michz leisten hiez.'

Or this:

На берегу пустынных волн
Стоял он, дум великих полн,
И вдаль глядел. Пред ним широко
Река неслася; бедный чёлн
По ней стремился одиноко.
По мшистым, топким берегам
Чернели избы здесь и там,
Приют убогого чухонца;
И лес, неведомый лучам
В тумане спрятанного солнца,
Кругом шумел.

If we can't send and receive plain Unicode text in MIME-tagged
email, maybe that's what we should concentrate on first.

- Frank

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