Re: Bidirectional Algorithm Problems

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 10:06:09 EST

    Dave> First of all, thanks Rick and Markus for taking the time to respond.
    Dave> However, I'm still not clear on this:

>> The example you cited should have no explicit embedding codes in it at
>> all.

    Dave> DID YOU SAY 'he said "car MEANS CAR"'? has embedding levels:
    Dave> 11111111111112222222224443333333333211

    Dave> Forgive my stupidity if I'm missing something but surely an
    Dave> embedding level greater than 2 is impossible without explicit
    Dave> embeddings or overrides.

As far as I can tell, without explict directionality codes, there is no way to
get the result printed in the book. For some reason I had assumed this had
been fixed long ago. Staring at it for a while didn't result in any
epiphanies that would explain the result without explicit codes. The quote
should be wrapped in LRE-PDF.

I'm with Dave. If we are missing something, let us know.
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