RE: Malayalam and unicode

From: RajKumar (
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 13:23:37 EST

Many thanks to James E. Agenbroad and Marco Cimarosti. Your answer has
solved my doubt.

> In Unicode, a sequence like:
> U+0D15 U+0D15
> simply represents a sequence of two ka's (pronounced, I guess, "kaka").

> If you want to spell "kka", you should use the sequence:
> U+0D15 U+0D4D U+0D15

Infact this is the way the malyalam script is printed or type written as
the no of glyphs are limited. The virama or `chandrakala' (as it is called
in malayalam) is also used to join two consonents which do not have any
specefic glyphs.

In fact this is the grammaticaly correct way to join two consonents.
> I hope this helps.

yes it did thanks again James E. Agenbroad and Marco Cimarosti


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