Re: Unicode on Mac OS

From: Franko Luin (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 01:28:20 EST

Elbrecht skribis:

> did you really enter a character outside slots 0-255 of the named fonts?
> Fontographer gives additional slots 256 to 389 as shown in attached GIF!

You have probably seen John Hudson's explanation about inDesign. Yes, in
fact, I have been able to input characters in the additional slots and print
them as well, after installing AdobePS 8.6, the printer driver which can
handle those characters (it comes with inDesign).
> With "Mac OS 9" you can optional install all "Apple Language Kits".
> But to enter characters outside these Kits you need - beside fonts to
> display - an ATSUI compatible application. But not one of which exists,
> I was told at Apple! They keep working on it - a simple text editor!
> To me this sounds as dead-born as QD-GX was years before! Shit!

That's as far as I have have come in my explorations, too. A technician at
Apple Sweden told me that Unicode in Mac OS is, for now, only developers'
stuff. I hope somebody in this list has more relevant information to share.
> Beginning with "Mac OS 8.5" ATSUI compatible applications could use
> PC-TrueType fonts - as are, not to be converted anymore - displaying
> Unicode ranges not covered by Language Kits, too!
> Did you try PC-Cyberbit or other Unicode font with Adobe inDesign.
> I would be very interested in knowing about this.

No, I haven't tried that possibility. I downloaded long ago the PC-Cyberbit
font and have it somewhere. But even Verdana for PC is a Unicode font, if I
am right. Being much smaller it is easier to work with it, I suppose. I'll
try it and let you know.

Franko Luin


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