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Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 21:58:27 EST

The latest Microsoft core fonts for Windows (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman v.
2.76) available at
include the full set of pinyin glyphs. Note that you are not free to
distribute these, but you can point users to the above site for the free

Also, you might want to consider using actual Chinese text rather than
bitmaps for the Chinese characters on your site, since there are now so many
free Chinese fonts available (e.g. at the Internet Explorer web site). It
would make your site run much faster. You could offer both versions of your
site and let users who have Chinese support use the fast one.


Chris Pratley
Lead Program Manager
Microsoft Office

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I'm getting more and more surprised, that it seems to be so hard to use
the Chinese Transliteration Characters (PinYin).
Would be only very few extra chars, and I wouldn't have to write such
complicated and slow loading scripts as in
(this page is loading veeeeeeeeeeery slowly!)
May be I just didn't find them? Or are they really not available? Even
as true-type-fonts there are no proper sets available
(mostly using different symbols for the varios "a")...

Any ideas?

( -: roland :- )

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