Re: Multilingual Documents [was: HTML forms and UTF-8]

Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 00:12:52 EST

       Well, I can't argue when people tell me that three companies
       did reasonably extensive research and found the same results.
       But that's definitely a different argument than what was
       originally presented: "Multilingual documents are rare,
       therefore people must not want them." There was a logical
       fallicy there I wanted to point out, but Chris, Joe and Tex
       have provided evidence that supports the conclusion.

       I wonder if the research done included web documents, which
       was, after all, what started this discussion: difficulties in
       creating multilingual web documents. I can easily imagine
       *lots* of potential need for multilingual web documents, and
       others have suggested the need. For example, I find it not
       uncommon to perform a web search, searching on a monolingual
       English string, and to get result pages with multilingual - and
       multiscript - content. I've come to expect that the portion in
       another script will be illegible gibberish (though IE 5 is
       definitely a move in the right direction). I think it's a valid
       conclusion - and, if I recall, this was the original point of
       this aspect of this thread - that there is a real market need
       to improve Netscape Navigator's ability to deal with
       multilingual documents (and forms).

       There are also the minority who have a need for multilingual
       (web and traditional) documents, who are part of the
       developers' market. We may not represent enough of the revenue
       to sway any business model, but we still hope technology will
       advance to provide the capabilities we'd like to have. Whether
       that comes through explicit design or as a side benefit of a
       program of software globalisation doesn't really matter, as
       long as the desired capabilities arrive.


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       I would like to echo Chris and Joe's remarks,
       Progress also found that a very significant majority of the
       needs only monolingual documents. However Unicode-provided
       worldwide access and simplified deployment are appreciated.

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