Re: Multilingual Documents [was: HTML forms and UTF-8]

From: Erik van der Poel (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 12:59:59 EST wrote:
> that's definitely a different argument than what was
> originally presented: "Multilingual documents are rare,
> therefore people must not want them."

I'm sorry that it came across that way. My thinking was more like
"Multilingual documents are relatively rare, so perhaps Glen doesn't
need multilingual documents for his current project. If so, he can use
non-UTF-8 documents, and that would be better anyway, since the old
browsers that people are still using can't handle UTF-8 well."

> there is a real market need
> to improve Netscape Navigator's ability to deal with
> multilingual documents (and forms).

We are well aware of this need. Many Netscape developers are now working
on the open source version of the browser, called Mozilla. This new
version is a near total re-write, and is based on Unicode as the
internal character encoding.

However, many people are still using the old Netscape browsers, and
since Glen is embarking on an HTML form project now, I thought I should
give him some advice about the *old* versions, to somehow make him at
least somewhat successful.


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