Re: Multilingual Documents

From: Juliusz Chroboczek (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 11:59:32 EST

Martin Heijdra <>:

MH> Actually, the fact that most texts are primarily in one language
MH> AND the need for multilingual capability are not necessarily in
MH> opposition. The vast majority of documents I want to put on the
MH> Web are *written* in one language (mainly, English) BUT with small
MH> parts (titles etc.) in other script systems,

Here's another data point. The original version of the TeX typeset-
ting system was designed for English. However, Knuth needed to type-
set bibliographic data, so he included a number of glyphs that are
used in other languages.

An interesting side-effect is that while the original TeX supports the
Polish `hard l' (l slash), it doesn't support the `ogonki'. That's
simply because the hard l appears in the name of a logician that Knuth
was citing in AOCP (L/ukasiewicz), while ogonki are seldom found in the


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