Re: Official ISO 3166 country codes online

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Nov 28 1999 - 14:18:15 EST

Ar 05:24 -0800 1999-11-28, scríobh Michael Kaplan:
>I'd argue that this is not necessarily true since although Netscape does
>this, IE4 and IE5 do not.
>Since I myself never set these strings, only receive them from the
>client's browser, and since over
>70% of the browsers from US locales that hit my site send en-us instead of
>en-US (for example), it
>would seem that the convention is not really specified, and robust code
>must allow for both

I accept that case-insensitiveness is required, but it remains true that
when the convention of giving language codes in lower case and country
codes in uppercase is followed it is friendlier to the human reader.

Bravo Netscape in this instance anyway.

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