Re: TrueType, PUA and Windows

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 11:57:05 EST

on 11/29/99 5:19 PM, Erik van der Poel at wrote:

> Another possible hack with Unicode fonts would be to use, say, the Han
> area for math glyphs and glyph parts. Then Windows probably wouldn't do
> any strange things to those Han codes, and would simply give us the
> measurements and drawing that we want. Of course, we'd have to make sure
> that we use those fonts only for math and not for CJK (Han). This is
> yucky, but I just thought I'd mention it as a way of reducing the number
> of STIX fonts on Windows. Not sure whether this would work on the Mac.

No, no, no, no, no! Do *NOT* use defined Unicodes for something other than
what they're defined to be. That is a very naughty thing which, if you do,
will cause you to be banished to the ninth circle of Heck.

John H. Jenkins

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