Re: TrueType, PUA and Windows

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 14:52:22 EST

Erik van der Poel opined:

> John Hudson wrote:
> >
> > We're one of the companies currently reviewing the Scientific and Technical
> > Information Publishers group's font requirements for the STIX project, and
> > I'm beginning to wonder if someone isn't putting the cart before the horse.
> > I can only see one way in which all this is going to work seamlessly: the
> > characters specified by STIPUB need to be assigned standard Unicode values
> > before the STIX fonts are developed and before anyone tries to implement
> > MathML font support.
> But it is quite likely that the Unicode committee will reject at least
> some of the symbols that we have been talking about. For example, the
> LEFT CURLY BRACKET TOP in Symbol is not currently in Unicode, nor are
> they likely to accept it, right?

Well, surprise! The Unicode Technical Committee *already* accepted that
and all the other bracket parts from the Symbol encoding into Unicode.
There had been long-standing opposition to them, but in the context of
the current STIX project and all the mathematical symbols under consideration,
the Symbol bracket parts were deemed just another bunch of compatibility
characters that would make people's lives easier if they got encoded
in Unicode.

Not that the Unicode Standard is going to be promoting their use for
representation of math -- they'll always be considered compatibility
characters. But there will be standard code points for them now in Unicode.


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