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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 14:14:00 EST

Oh, crud. I reluctantly respond.

Ar 03:48 +0900 1999-12-01, scríobh Masataka Ohta:

>> >Thank you for denying yourself to have mentioned Sign Languages.
>> Clearly Masataka Ohta has no idea what he is talking about. This is
>> beginning to annoy me, and so this is my last statement on the matter.
>I can understand your error.

I have made no error.

>It is a common error to consider handicapped people something so special.
>However, they are not.

Everyone is special. Linguistic minorities, however, deserve special attention.

>Be cautious, because your error sometimes results in discriminations
>of handicapped.

I have made no error. And please do not waste your time or mine by trying
to show me that I have done so. You are wrong about the utility of ISO 3166
codes in combination with other ISO codes, and that is that. I merely
showed another area in which such codes were employed quite usefully.

>> There are too many Sign Languages to expect 639-2 codes,
>You are merely arguing that there are too many languages to expect
>639-2 codes.

There is no user requirement for unique codes for all of the world's Sign
Languages. The users are satisfied with "sgn" with extensions.

>You can label all the languages in the world with ISO 3166 codes
>and additional strings.

The users of Sign Languages have seen the scheme we introduced satisfy the
user community and satisfy, economically, the RA of ISO 639-2. Note that
not all of the Sign Languages in (which you
apparently have not read) are languages used by deaf people. Plains Sign
Talk and Monastic Sign Language are used by hearing people.

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