Re: Official ISO 3166 country codes online

From: Tony Harminc (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 15:52:20 EST

On 30 Nov 99, at 15:02, mg wrote:

> > I find it amusing that the ISO-3166 official web page has a little
> > two-tone-blue & white British flag, with the tag "coming soon:
> > english version".
> The website of Viennese Tourist Board has found a culturally creative
> solution -- it shows two little hybrid icons (half the German flag, half the
> Austrian flag to indicate the German version; half the Union flag, half the
> US flag to indicate the English version).
> mg

It may be creative, but it's still broken. It'll be culturally
sensitive when they manage to get the Australian, Canadian, New
Zealand, Irish, and a dozen or so other flags all equally represented
in one logo. But it'll still be broken - how should one look for
French - under a Canadian or a Swiss flag ? I can't comprehend why
people persist in this annoying nonsense. Why should I be expected
to look for the flag of some foreign country to find my native
language ?

Further, in some countries (notably the USA) people are very
sensitive about their flag, and don't appreciate modifications to it.
Some years ago, C(anadian) P(acific) Rail started putting a bizarre
logo consisting of a hybrid Canadian/US flag on their locomotives.
It offended people on both sides of the border, and they've now
changed it, though an occasional engine can still be seen with it.

Sorry I'm getting far off topic - but the ISO 3166 site maintainers
really should know better.

Tony H.

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