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From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 07:46:02 EST

Am 1999-12-01 um 23:02 h hat Franko Luin geschrieben:
> The 'little portraits of famous poets' idea has a negative side:
> most likely those portrait would be of men, woman poets not getting
> the same recognition.

Cf. German bank-notes ("bills", in en-US), while they are still with us.

We have female poets on two of them, viz.
Bettina <> and
Annette <>,
but not a single male poet.
(Bettina's bank-note is rare, as there is also a coin with the same value.)

The whole series comprises:
- Bettina, female writer,
- Carl Friedrich, male mathematician & scientist,
- Annette, female poet,
- Balthasar, male architect and builder,
- Clara, female pianist and composer,
- Paul, medical man and scientist,
- Maria Sibylla, female painter and scientist,
- Wilhelm und Jacob, male philologists.

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   Otto Stolz

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